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After installing the app, the app interface will display the "Dashboard" tab.

You can have a quick view on different tabs to see all features inside the app

  1. Price plans
  2. Dashboard
  3. Shipments
  4. Tracking Page
  5. Settings
  6. Notification
  7. Analytics

Price Plans

In the Account tab, you can view the pricing table with detailed information underneath. Just click the Choose plan button for which plan you want to upgrade/downgrade.

The tiers differentiate from price plans:

  • The number of shipments tracked per month
  • The priority of support users receive
  • The privilege to access new features in the future


There are 2 options for you to pay:

  • Pay monthly


  • Pay annually





 The Dashboard tab displays the following information: 


1. Shipment over-time report

Shipment Report



  • Total Shipment: Number of orders you have shipped. You also can view your total shipments increased/decreased compared to the last month under the total shipment numbers.
  • Total Delivered: Number of orders delivered successfully. You also can view your total delivered shipments increased/decreased compared to the last month under the total delivered's number.
  • Pressing Orders: Number of orders might need your extra attention (incl. failed attempt, exception, expired)

You can select the date range from the list on the right side. 

Shipment over time chart

  • Display the shipment performance in a period of time based on different tracking statuses.
  • Each color represents different tracking status
  • Export the statistics SVG/PNG/CSV if needed




Click "Details" will lead you to Shipment tab

2. Get old orders

If you want to process your previous orders, please click on Get old order button. You only can process the old orders in the last 60 days at maximum


3. Additional info 

  • Orders that have recently been updated (Shipment)
  • Number of notifications you have sent (Notifications)
  • Number of monthly shipment quota usage: We will count orders placed on Shopify and tracked successfully by our app in the month.




This section provides detailed information of all orders for you: 


You can export the data of shipment info by exporting an Excel or CSV file with these buttons:

To locate the order, you can enter the tracking number or order ID in the search bar. For exampleOtherwises, you can filter the order by courier/time or by shipment status

By time includes: 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month

 By shipment status includes: 

  • Delivered: The shipment was delivered successfully
  • In transit: Carrier accepted or picked up shipment from the shipper. Shipment is on the way
  • Out of delivery: Carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready for pickup
  • Info received: The carrier received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment
  • Exception: Custom held, undelivered, returned shipment to the sender or any other shipping exceptions
  • Fail attempt: Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, it usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again
  • Expired: Item on hold. Refused or unclaimed by recipient
  • Pending: Verifying address; Processing error, Possible delay
  • Courier not supported


⭐️ Reorder the shipments: 

You can order the list to see the details by clicking the arrow next to the title of the column:


⭐️ Shipment details:

If you click the order, you can see the details of the order in the app:



Or if you click the tracking number, you will be redirected to the tracking page and see the detailed tracking information below

Tracking Page

Click here to see How to add a tracking page to the Shopify store

1. Customize theme

There are 2 available display layouts of the tracking page that you can customize. You can click "Change theme" to switch the theme you want to apply for your tracking page.



  • Basic theme:

  • Advanced theme



2. Footer links

Customize the social media profiles and policy URL footer links of the tracking page: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and other Terms, Privacy links. Customers click the words/icon to navigate to the desired info.




3. General Displays:

Customize the display layout, color, contain content, date-time format of the tracking page


Main Color: Customize the main color of the progress bar, content title text of your tracking page. You can put exactly the color code to match your store's current theme.


Once you make changes and save, the display will change correspondingly. 


4. Tracking Form

You can allow customers to track their orders with both Order ID and Tracking Number or with either only Order ID or only Tracking number

Require email when tracking is optional.


 5. Product Recommendation – Cross-selling for growing big

This section allows you to add other products with their price on the tracking page.

=> Customers will click the picture and get redirect to the product’s page 

You can freely choose to enable/disable this function by checking "Enable" or "None"


6. Ask Review Setting 

Allow the merchant to set up max 3 questions asking about your service with star-rating scales, discovering reasons and qualitative comments:


7. Display Review Setting 

Allow you to display the reviews your customers submitted on the tracking page, showing the quality and credibility of their service


*** Review Table *** 

Manage Received Feedback

  1. Merchants could see details about a review submitted to them, including: 
  • The order is coming from
  • Corresponding names of customers and couriers
  • Average and detailed ratings
  • Reasons 
  • Comment

These data could be easily filtered by flexible commands.

  1. Choose to display a specific review

8. Tracking Status Display

You can edit the text matched with each tracking status. However, It's not allowed to hide or remove none of the tracking statuses. 


9. Translation strings: 

Display text on the tracking page in your desire language

  • Translation string settings

Allow the customer to translate your tracking page automatically by themselves

=> Click the extension to change the language




10. Progress bar

In this section, you can add your custom tracking status between Ordered and Information Received by clicking "Enable custom status". You can uncheck the button if you don't need

- Tracking status is where you edit the tracking status name 

- Active after (days): The new status will be activated after the number of day(s) you customize.

- Select icon: You can select the icon for the new tracking status here 


11. Additional Content

Customize your tracking page by adding custom content, using HTML and CSS markup fragments

 12. Location Blacklist

With this feature, you can hide or replace unwanted words/locations with your custom message on the tracking page. 

13. Courier Mapping

With this feature, we allow you to display the Shopify Courier’s name on package fulfillment and the tracking page instead of your Actual Carriers.

For example:

Match AliExpress with Shopify’s Auspost

On the tracking page, the carrier name would change from AliExpress -> Auspost



1. Replace the tracking link of the tracking number on the order status page: enable this feature, instead of going to the courier's website, your customers will check the order status right on your store. 

2. Add a tracking link to the order status page: enable this feature to add a tracking link to the order status page

3. Enable customer email on thank you page: enable this feature to allow customers to submit the email address they want to receive tracking notifications.




Notify orders status to yourself to keep track and proactively provide customer support when needed via various channels ( email, SMS, Zapier, Slack, and Telegram).

1. How to connect email account: Click here

2. Email Template Settings

  • You can turn email on and off for each order status by pressing the button Disable/Enable.

  • This is the Email template Settings interface. Set up the email to receive when the order status is changed. These variables { } are replaced with corresponding information from your store. Click the Save button to save the changes that you’ve made.

  • You can notify tracking status to your customers via Whatsapp or SMS via Twilio. If you haven't had Twilio account, please click here to here 

1. Shipment Report

Summarize the performance of Delivery service in terms of

  • Total Shipment over timeTotal shipment per a period

  • Shipment by statusThe number of shipments based on their status

  • Shipment by In transit day:The number of delivered/undelivered shipments based on the duration of transit time

  • Top 3 Destinations graph: The top 3 destinations most of the shipments were delivered to

2. Courier Report

Extract the Top 3 couriers that:

  • Are used the most based on the total shipments they have shipped

  • Are fastest based on the average shipping time they have used


  • Are most effective regarding the highest percentage of delivered shipments they have shipped 

From these, you as a merchant could evaluate the couriers you are using and decide to continue using their top 3(s) or change their delivery partners.

 3. Tracking Page Report

  •  Page view number + Pave view by time graph

 The chart shows how many times the tracking page has been viewed in a time range and in comparison with the last period.


  •  Marketing clicks number + Marketing clicks graphs

 The charts show many clicks in marketing assets, social media, product recommendation the tracking page has been received in a time range and in comparison with the last period.


  • Product recommendation performance

The chart shows how many clicks in Product recommendations the tracking page has been received. We count the number of clicks to the Product Recommendation action over time.

  • Marketing assets performance 

We calculate the percentages that each asset position contributing to the total clicks. The assets order is counted from left to right, then from top to bottom.



4. Review Dashboard

The charts show Average Rating, Total Review, and Additional comments collected from Real Reviews written by your customers. The data is pulled from the Review table

5. Net Promoter Score Report

The data is calculated through NPS (Net promoter score) question suggested in question 2 of asking review setting: How likely would you recommend us (to your friends and family)?


As the result, this section shows:

- How many respondents did you receive 

- Percentage of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors

NPS over time graph: It shows how the NPS® changes over time

Responses over time graph: The distribution of response (categorized by Promoters, Passives, and Detractors) over time




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