Omega - Order Tracking Shipments

This section provides detailed information of all orders for you: 

You can export the data of shipment info by exporting an Excel or CSV file with these buttons:


To locate the order, you can enter the tracking number or order ID in the search bar. For example

Otherwises, you can filter the order by courier/time or by shipment status

By time includes: 

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month

 By shipment status includes: 

  • Delivered: The shipment was delivered successfully
  • In transit: Carrier accepted or picked up shipment from the shipper. Shipment is on the way
  • Out of delivery: Carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready for pickup
  • Info received: The carrier received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment
  • Exception: Custom held, undelivered, returned shipment to the sender or any other shipping exceptions
  • Fail attempt: Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, it usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again
  • Expired: Item on hold. Refused or unclaimed by recipient
  • Pending: Verifying address; Processing error, Possible delay
  • Courier not supported

⭐️ Reorder the shipments: 

You can order the list to see the details by clicking the arrow next to the title of the column:

⭐️ Shipment details:

If you click the order, you can see the details of the order in the app:



Or if you click the tracking number, you will be redirected to the tracking page and see the detailed tracking information below:


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