About Google Shopping Feed Pro

Having a hard time trying to sell products on multiple marketplaces? Tired of listing products manually and worrying about constant updates? Exploring Google Shopping Feed Pro by Omega. 


Google Shopping Feed Pro syncs your products with your Google Merchant Center and Facebook page & allows you to create product Ads. Google Shopping Feed Pro makes product ads easy by creating a product feed for your shop. You then can use this feed on Google or Facebook. It helps you put your products in front of millions of people on Google and Facebook without manual work or hiring an expensive developer.


Why use Google Shopping Feed Pro?

As an online shop owner, you want to be where the customers are but every channel requires a separate data feed in a different format. You can export your product data from your store but that is often incomplete or you can hire a developer to do it, however, it takes time and money. 

With Google Shopping Feed Pro, you’ll be able to sync updates across Google Shopping and Facebook – all from one place. You can expand to new channels, create and update listings, modify and optimize product data, sync inventory and orders. That’s why Google Shopping Feed Pro can be so useful for your business. A well-managed data feed will increase the visibility of your products and give you the opportunity to raise sales and generate more traffic to your website.

How it works

* Install: After installing,  Google Shopping Feed Pro automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center and Facebook. 

* Connect: Use the  Google Shopping Feed Pro to connect your store to Google or Facebook account You can then update your Google, Facebook product listings directly from your Shopify admin.

* Sync: Google Shopping Feed Pro keeps your Product Catalog up-to-date without any manual work.

Highlight features

* Fast & Convenience: You only need to set it up once and our app will take care of the rest. The product inventory will stay synced with our app and back to your store.

* Product collections: You can choose to include all products or include products from selected collections in the product feed

* Get all variants: With our app, you can publish all variants with prices, color, size, etc from your website to Google and Facebook quickly and easily. 

* Create complex rules with ease so that your listed products are always up-to-date and on point for your customers. 

* Use filters to suppress products based on conditions. Use rules to optimize product listings without altering your data source or making any changes in your store.

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