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Omega Google Tag
Install Google Tag Manager code on your website with one click

Omega Order Tracking
One-stop order tracker, embedded tracking page on your store

TikTok Multi Pixels
TikTok Multi Pixels Shopify App

Google Shopping Feed Pro
Sync products with Google Merchants Center and Facebook

Workflow Automation
Your virtual employee, perform workflow automation

Searchify Live Search & Filter
Instant Search, Auto Suggestions & Smart Filter

Facebook Retarget
Boost sales and increase brand awareness with Facebook ads

Facebook Multi Pixels
Track multiple pixels, build custom audiences

Address Confirm with Map
A shipping locator with Google Map interface on thank you page

SyncTrack Add tracking auto
Paypal’s #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a reserve applied to your account

Basecost Manager Profit Report
Calculate your profit, tracking costs and more in real-time

CTA Buttons
Simply add sticky CTA Buttons like Phone, SMS, Whatsapp, Cart

Request a Quote
Negotiate a price that satisfies both sellers and buyers

Sales Pop ‑ Live Notifications
Displays recent orders on your store for prospective customers

Compare Products Differences
Support customers find the differences between products easily

Twitter Timeline
Twitter Timeline by Omega is an awesome app to display your latest tweets, lists or collections from Twitter to your store.

Age Verification Popup
Age Verifier app prevents under-age users from accessing your website

Product Questions and Answers
FAQs For Products app allows customers to ask questions about specific products, get answers, and view other threads.

IP Blocker & Country Redirect
Limit visitors who are accessing the site from a set of specified IP addresses or locations.

Holiday Effects by Omega
Celebrate Holiday on your store and surprise your customers with decorations, animations of image and icons.

Accordion Slider
OT Accordion Slider provides you a stunning way to present content.

Facebook Events by Omega
Facebook Events Display uses Facebook official Graph API to display the events calendar on your store

Product Reviews by Omega
Product Reviews by Omega app allows your customer can write reviews or see all reviews about your products.

Delivery Date By Omega
Delivery Date allows customers to choose exactly when they want to get goods

Bundlify ‑ Cross Selling Boost
Product bundles increase your sale by suggested products

Related Products by Tag
Show Related Products & Recently Bought Together products

Estimated Shipping Date
Set estimated delivery date message for your products.

Facebook Messenger ‑ Live Chat
Chat with customers via Facebook Messenger right on store

EU GDPR Cookies Notification
Notify your visitors about your Privacy Policy

Order Tagger by Omega
Auto tag orders, customers with multiple conditions