Engine: Shopify app
Release date: 01/28/2016 - USA

✓ Allow you to offer discounts for customers based on the number of products they buy

✓ Help you limit the product purchase by the minimum or maximum quantity of that product

✓ Easy and quick installation and configuration

This app allows you to offer buy discounts based on the quantity purchased and you can limit the minimum or maximum quantity of a product

Want to provide quantity price breaks/limit product purchases in your store?

Quantity Price Breaks & Limit Purchase by Omega gives you what you need. Now you can stop searching! This is the perfect app you need to maximize your store’s power and benefit!

What does the Quantity Price Breaks app do?

Quantity Price Breaks & Limit Purchase helps you:

1. Set the discount for your store’s product based on the number of products a customer buys.

For example, if a customer buys 5 items of a single product or different products they will get a 10% discount. If they buy 10 items, they’ll get a 15% discount.

2. Set the minimum and maximum values for a product in a customer’s order so they can buy a certain amount of that product.

For example, you can set a limit for a single product so customers can only buy a maximum of 10 items of that product at once.

Why Quantity Price Breaks & Limit Purchase?

It’s plain easy to use with no dead time

Installation or configuration is sometimes a pain for many users. We built this app to make it painless for you. And if you still want a little more detailed instruction, please watch our video.

It works the way you want it to

Quantity Price Breaks & Limit Purchase does exactly what it says it does. And while this app gives you many options to please your need, its thoughtful and straightforward user interface keeps everything neatly simple for you.

New method to set the limit

Unlike many other apps, instead of putting the limits in, Quantity Price Breaks & Limit Purchase uses a new method of requiring you to insert code to theme.liquid. Sounds complicated? Nope, you’ll get it in an instant when you see it.

You can refer to our installation guide here: App Installation

Wholeheartedly customer support

Our team learned this app by heart from countless of hours coding and testing to make it work for you. And we’ll do it with support too. A timely manner and getting your question solved in a short time are what we’re committed to.

Whenever you need our assistance, just send us an email to our team: [email protected]

What more can you get?

Save your time

And spend your time doing what you need to do. Let the app (and us) do its job.

Boost your store’s sales

This app is perfect for increasing group purchases and wholesalers for your products. With the enticing discount given for a large number of purchased products, you’ll attract more customers and hence, drive more sales.

Last but not least, we build an app for users

We’re open to listening to any feature you wish to have. So feel free to make your wishlist and let us know.

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  • 30 June 2021
    • Set up a discount rule based on fixed price: Define how much to buy several products with our new fixed price rule
    • Set quantity range for a rule: Define minimum and maximum quantity to buy for a single rule
    • New admin interface: Change the new interface for better visualization
  • Jan 2019: Add new layout for quantity table
  • May 2019: Change admin interface
  • Feb 2021: Launch Import feature to add rules in bulk
  •  12/19/2017
    • Added column "Total amount" on table Quantity break. It shows the total discount.
  •  09/29/2016
    • Added functionality to allow Limit check from the Product page. Only add to cart page can be added when the quantity is set correctly.
  •  11/24/2017
    • Add option timezone for fix show correct create date on the review
  •  10/12/2016
    • Add Limit whole store. If you use this function, all variations of the product in the store will be set to the same limits. There is no delete function simultaneously, so you must enter each variation of the product to remove or change the value
  •  08/18/2016
    • Add Group product for discount, The group products have the same collection, you can set up quantity breaks for many products in the group.
  •  07/05/2016
    • Add discount product use percent
  •  06/30/2016
    • Add function is limited to users using quantity break with customer_tag


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