Engine: Shopify app
Release date: 15/07/2017 - USA

Show Facebook page Reviews on the store

Allows you to choose the view mode: Grid, List, multi slide and Slide view

Admin can set the limit of reviews to show on the page

Facebook Reviews app helps you to show your FB page reviews on store

The facebook reviews app allow you get rating from facebook page to your store. People do give reviews regarding the company/website/services on the Facebook page. If you receive any testimonials on your Facebook page, you should share it on your store too. Showcasing testimonials and reviews of the Facebook page on your store allows you to increase your brand credibility and leads to faster sales.

Facebook Reviews app helps you to show your FB page reviews on your store. It allows you to show Facebook page reviews on your store on a separate page, sidebar or embedded in the post.

Why you should use Facebook Reviews?

  1. Show Facebook Reviews on website to increase user confidence, traffic and sales
  2. Trim long reviews so that your users can read them comfortably
  3. Your customers are already viewing your site so why not make it easy for them to view your positive reviews? Now you can! With Facebook Reviews you can quickly and easily embed your reviews directly on your store.

Highlights Features

  1. Show user's name and profile picture with the review
  2. User code to insert Facebook Reviews list, grid or slide to anywhere into your website
  3. Trim long reviews with "read more" link


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Change log

  • Addtional Single Slide Item layout: The structure is similar to section Testimonials slide on Shopify theme
+ 01/18/2018
  • Addtional custom css field, allow merchant add css code to change style, layout
  • Add option timezone for fix show correct create date on review
  • Addtional Facebook trust badge: The box in the bottom right of a screen which advertises Facebook Reviews and the associated stars
  • The number on "See all %d review" will automatically updates when reviews on FB page are changed.
+ 10/10/2017
  • Add option allow Show/hide name, created date on reviews.