Engine: Shopify app

✓ Age restriction enforced.

✓ Easy to custom the pop-up colors and content.

✓ No technical knowledge required to setup this extension

About Age Verification Popup

Do you want visitors must confirm their age before access your store?

Age Verifier by Omega is the perfect app you need to do it! This app helps you:Set the minimum age for visitors to confirm to access your store.


  • Set the minimum age for visitors to confirm to access your store: Choose to restrict an entire site, of selected pages.
  • No unnecessary repeated age verification prompts once verified
  • Drop downs fields or a simple yes/no button: You can choose 2 types request for visitors: input their birthday or they is simply confirmation enough age.
  • Upload background and your logo in your store assets.
  • 100% Mobile Friendly App: Customers who shop using their phones will see a phone or tablet optimized timer for Android or iOS.

  • Free and Fast Support: Our technical support will help you solve any problems within 24 hours (on working days).

  • 14 Days Free Trial: We offer a 14-days free trial so you can experience its great features before deciding to buy.


*** Don't have a Shopify store already? Start your free 14-day trial here!


Change log:

  • Update version 1.2.1 (Jul 03,2018):

Fix saving cookies bug.

  • Update version 1.2.0 (Apr 24,2018):

Improve app's performance with new JS Framework Choose popup displays in: all pages, only homepage or specified collection pages.

  • Update version 1.1.0 (Feb 28,2018):

No need to add any shortcode. Now for using app, you don't need add any shortcode,it'll run automatic.