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After installing Estimated Shipping Date you will be directed to Setting tab:


Setting page


You can always enable or disable app by switching the Enable App slider in Toggle App section.
You can choose one among three ways to display estimated shipping information in Layout subsection, including Estimated date, Zipcode shipping or Country delivery. The chosen layout settings can be configured in the tab beside.
“Estimated Date” will show customer the start shipping day and the day their goods arrive

Estimated date

“Zipcode shipping” will let customers fill in their city/country zipcode and check the estimated information themselves.

Zipcode shipping

“Country delivery” let customer know the estimated day for the goods to be shipped to their country.


Country delivery

  1. General Settings
  • Week Working Day section: This section's interface is also changed for a smarter layout to help you have a better overview:


The usage of this part is not much different from the older version, as you can enable a working day and fill in a cut-off time, at which your store no longer opens for shopping. The minimum shipping day also automatically adds 1 more day after cut-off time. 


  • You can customize the text shown on the screen by adjusting text size, color as well as text position on page in the Display Config section below:



We already provided you with 4 choices of estimated date positions: Under "Add to cart" button, Under product's description, Under product's price, Under product's title. But if you are not satisfied with the default selections, you can customize it by adding codes to the blank Custom Positions we made solely for this purpose. However, this method requires knowledge about advanced coding, therefore we recommend you contact us for support should you have problems configuring this.

  • CountDown Config 

To set up the CountDown Config, first of all, you need to choose the Timer CountDown Format among a list of default timer styles for your new element.

Fill in the timer in Phrase section which will be shown on your store. Leave it blank if you don’t use this feature.



This is how Timer CountDown will be displayed on the online store platform after setting up its format and phrase:



NOTE: {TimeCountDown} is a variable to display the time countdown, this variable can not be renamed, it can only be changed position to fit the title.

  • Add your store’s special day-off in year by clicking Add day off button, then click in thebar to pick date from calendar. 


You can also choose a date format that you want to show in the format section.


  • There are some further settings in Advance Config section you can apply to your store:


- Show for each product on cart page: When enabled, this button allows you to display shipping information as the product description on the checkout page:

- Disable when product is out of stock: When a product is out of stock, you may want to hide the estimated shipping date of that product. However please note that this function might slow down your application performance. 

- Clear Cache button: If you change the shipping information of products or collections in the app, customers visiting your store may not be immediately updated likewise. Therefore, we developed a tool that helps your customers have the latest details of your products as soon as you edit it. Click onto the button below to start clearing cache.


      2. Estimated Date

In the Settings tab, choose Estimated Date in Layout selection, then move to the next tab, which is now labeled "Estimated Date". In this tab, you'll be able to set up your own shipping method for all products or some particular ones.


  • Click New Shipping method to customize your shipping method. In the picture above we have created 2 examples for you.

- Minimum days indicates the number of days you need to prepare the goods and ready to ship.

- Estimated days is the number of days it will take to ship the goods from your warehouse to customer. 

- Privacy: a summary of your Shipping Policy with most important points

Click  to save new method. 

  • You can always edit or delete a method by clicking on 2 icons next to the method's name:


  • After having created a new method, you can see a new button called Set private has appeared:

When this button is disabled, the method can be applied to every product of every collection on your store. However, when you turn it on, the method is only displayed on particular products' page by the rules you have set on it.

To set a rule to a method and products, collections or vendors, move to the Specific Rules below:

To set a rule, please follow some simple steps:

- Step 1: Click New Rule button, then choose a method to apply rule:

- Step 2: Configure rule. This step is similar to creating a new shipping method, and you could enable or disable it:

- Step 3: The rule you have just configured will be applied to your selected products/collections/vendors in this step:

- Step 4: You can preview the rule before saving in this step


In this section, you can choose to display your rules by either shipping method or target audience, whichever way makes you feel easier to get the overview.


Note: You can easily identify a private method by a lock icon above method's name:


      3. Zipcode Shipping

In Settings tab/Layout, select "Zipcode Shipping", then move to Zipcode tab.


Get Customer Zipcode button will automatically collect zipcode of customer's location and use it in checkout page. It is indeed useful, but it might slow down your in-app activities. 

  • Here you can select what to show estimated shipping date with 4 options: All Products, Specific Vendors, Specific Collection or Specific Product. Except for option "All Product", the rest three can be customized in Specific tab below:


For example, you want to show estimated shipping date for specific product, go to Specific Products section and create new rule for products:


The same can be applied for Specific Collections and Specific Vendors.


  • Now, whichever you have chosen to show estimated date on, you must set up a list of zipcodes that you could provide delivery. Create zipcode rules and let customers know if there region is available for shipping or not:



  • Customize text displayed on your store in Form Settings section:


=> It will be displayed on your store like this: 


  • Some additional settings can be found in the bottom of the tab page. When customers check their zipcode availability, the system will automatically show results including zipcode availability, COD, etc.


  • Actions column: you can edit or remove a rule/zipcode etc. by clicking on either one of the two buttons: 


      4. Country Delivery

If you want to display estimated shipping date in customer's country view, select layout Country Delivery, then move to Country tab.


  • Click "Country Rule" to add new:


Please be noted that you can not add a new country for your shipment within our app. The list of available countries can be found and edited in Settings/Shipping section of your store.

Set up estimated date for a chosen country, and click Save to finish.


  • You can edit a rule by clicking  icon, in which you will find some more categories to adjust:

- Add a courier if possible:


- In case a country contains several provinces, regions or cities, you might want to apply custom shipping rule to different regions. Provinces subcategory allows you to pick region and customize shipping date:


  • You can also apply rules for products in Specific Products section:



      5How to customize display place

If you want to change estimate information’s default display place, or move this information somewhere else in product page, please go to your Online Store  > Themes  and choose Action then Edit Code .


After that you will be directed to “Edit code” page. Here you have three page to change information's display place:


A) Choose Templates and find Product.liquid

  • Copy this code <div class="ot-estimated-shipping"></div> and add it anywhere you want the estimate information to be displayed in this page.


For example we added the code randomly in this page


The infomation will then appear in “product page” immediately after you click   button as below





B) Choose Sections and find Collection.liquid

  • Copy this code <div class="ot-estimated-shipping"></div> and add it anywhere you want the estimate information to be displayed in this page.

Estimated information will then appear in catalog/collection page




C) Choose Sections and find Product-template.liquid below to check the place to add code

  • Copy this code <div class="ot-estimated-shipping"></div> and add it anywhere you want the estimate information to be displayed in this page.

 Estimated information will then appear in “product page” 

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