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Here at OmegaTheme, we absolutely love collaborating with some of the brightest & most creative minds within our industry. We’d like to believe that the diversity within our themes collection is a huge bonus to all of our users; plus we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to sport a design by the world’s best on their personal website / blog.

Join Our Collaborative Design Team

We would love to further build on our network of Collaborative Designers we work with, and we believe this is a great opportunity for you, and other designers, to experience the prestige associated with having your design released on OmegaTheme. So if you have an amazing design concept for an upcoming theme release, you have some spare time on hand to experiment, or you just want to earn some dosh: then submit your designs to us.

We’re interested in buying the most awesome designs that get submitted. And yes – we said: buying. We’re definitely not in the business of spec-work and would love to pay you for your designs. Obviously though we can’t buy every design submitted to us, but if your design shows potential we’ll pay you accordingly.

Please note: we pay a flat rate for designs and do not offer any sales commission payment schemes.

Why Submit Your Design?

Here’s a few reasons for you to submit your design:

  • You’ll get the opportunity to tell all your friends that you designed a theme for OmegaTheme.
  • Your name will be listed on this page, along with some of the greats of modern web design.
  • We’ll be linking to your website from the theme listing page and sending quite a bit of traffic your way.
  • You may get paid to experiment / have fun / design something that a traditional client would never like.
  • We’ve found that collaborations are great in terms of developing your skills.

The Technical Stuff

We’ve designed, developed & released 50+ themes thus far; so we have a pretty good idea of what will work and what’ll be popular. Here’s a few pointers for your submission:

  • Check our themes collection and make sure that your submission is unique enough relative to the designs & types of themes we’ve released thus far. Also check our Themes Leaderboard to get an idea of which themes sell well and which are destined for the long tail.
  • Remember that we want you to design something unique and oozing your personal style; otherwise we would’ve just designed something ourselves.
  • Even though you’re only handling the design phase, please consider that the functionality shouldn’t be overly-ambitious for our developers,  instead it should be realistic in terms of executing it within the end-result.
  • Submit your design as a full-size, high resolution JPEG or PNG image. We generally need to see at least the homepage, but would prefer to see an inner page as well. If you design is chosen by us we’d then require a layered photoshop file with all the design elements neatly labelled.

Your Submission

To submit your awesome to us, please complete this form and we’ll review your submission. Consider that we get many submissions on a weekly basis; so it may take a day or two to respond to your submission.

By submitting this design you certify that the designs submitted is entirely your own work and that you posses all of the rights associated with the distribution & sale of this design work.

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