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Tips For Sewing With Velvet on a Beginner Sewing Machine

The appearance of velvet fabric can make you go addicted and the shiny surface, the richness of color, and smooth texture add royalty to the look. My first experience sewing with the velvet was not so well because I was totally unaware of the handling and how to sew with its tricks. Velvet is quite thick in nature and to handle this fabric you need to apply different tricks.

Prevent slipping when sewing velvet

If you have the best sewing machine for beginners then your one problem is solved and that is regarding handling. The sewing machine for beginners is quite easy to use as well as you don’t have to go through the complications of operating functions. Let’s go through some of the tricks which can help you in sewing with the velvet and it will simplify your project.

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Choose the Pattern:

Velvet has so many kinds and once you are in the market then you can see you have to choose from the different kinds of fabric. At the time of choosing the pattern, you need to make sure that you are aware of the weight and properties of the velvet you are choosing for the next project. Choosing a pattern also depends on the shape of the project.

No matter what kind of project you are preparing from the velvet, less is always more. You always have to press, contour and dart more. If you are preparing a dress then you should always choose the stretching velvet as it can adjust on the body and you can always fit that pattern on your body with the time.


The whole process of cutting the velvet is quite similar to cutting silk or any other fabric. To avoid any kind of problem in your sewing work, you should always cut the single layer of the velvet no matter what pattern you are choosing. Choose a rotary cutter to cut the velvet and if you are choosing a rotary cutter then you can cut multiple layers of velvet at the same time.

At the time of cutting, it’s essential to understand the direction of the nap. It’s important to have a piece of scrap related to the velvet family and then start practicing on it. You can prepare something out of the velvet, do as much practice as you can. Feel the direction of the nap by moving the hand on the velvet.

Pressing Velvet:

Iron is not such a great friend of velvet. If you are using the iron at a high temperature then it can crush the appearance of the fabric and it can also create an uneven look to the project. The best technique you can apply to save your hard work is to do the steaming from the wrong side of the fabric. You can also place the piece of scrap on the velvet and then start doing the ironing.

Pressing velvet

If you want to press the velvet in the best possible way then use a towel or any thick fabric over the velvet and it will prevent the fabric from getting crushed from the appearance.

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Prevent Slipping:

The nature of the velvet is much like silk. Velvet has the ability to get slipped from the table and to prevent this you need to put a few sheets of paper or tissue at the back. At the time of cutting or measuring if the fabric is going to slip a lot then you will make a mistake and after being done with the sewing you are going to realize that.

Slipping is the factor that can create major blunders in the work and in order to be a professional sewer you must find the solutions. You also use a piece of scrap at the back of the fabric to make the fabric hold the place or use the small sewing pins. Make sure that pins are not creating a big hole in the fabric and later you can work with it.

Stitch Length:

Before you start sewing velvet, make this a strong rule to check the stitching settings of the sewing machine. In some cases, soon after cutting sewers start to stitch the fabric and once they realize that stitch length is not according to the nature of the fabric then they have to rip it out which can ruin the look of the project. Settings are the most important part of sewing.

Check the tension settings as well of the beginner sewing machine because due to the incorrect settings of the sewing machine, you can go through the thread breakage problem. No matter what kind of fabric you are sewing but the most important part is you need to check the settings according to the nature of the fabric you are currently sewing.

Seam Settings:

Of course, this is going to be hard that you can’t iron the velvet and if you have to then you need to use thick pieces of clothing and must do this from the wrong side. To reduce the bulk area and to make sure that whatever you are doing must be professional in look, you should always press the area with the help of fingers or weights.

You can use weights on the seam during the sewing and once you are done, then you can move forward and use iron from the wrong side after placing towels or thick pieces of scrap on the velvet.

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Velvet is such an amazing fabric and when you want to prepare something out of it then, of course, get yourself ready to learn something out of the box. With a reliable sewing machine for beginners, this project is going to help you in learning a lot of stuff. Visit CraftsSelection website to learn more sewing tips and move forward professionally in your career and get the title of expert sewer as soon as possible.
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