Have you ever used email marketing, chat marketing, or both of them to recover abandoned carts? And which sector will have the most revenue in 2021 to win back? Let’s look at some statistics to see the pros and cons of abandoned cart campaigns.

In 2022, there will be more than 1.4 billion people using Messenger on a monthly basis. And this app is so popular in the US market with approximately 135.9 million users in total. Customers also prefer can contact merchants through chat because

According to Statista, the abandoned cart rate across sectors is 88,05% on average in 2021. It is quite high and makes merchants struggle with operations in the context of rapidly increasing costs in new customer acquisition.

Out of all industries, the ecommerce fashion business can be most profitable when running abandoned cart recovery campaigns. Email marketing is also an alternative solution that can work well on some big-sale holidays. However, its efficiency has been declining gradually.

Fashion: 90.68%

Retail: 84.51%

Travel: 79.95%


Abandoned cart email open rates have dropped from 46.1% in 2013 to 40.76% in 2020. These open rates are still relatively high. Click rates for this type of email have also dropped from 13.3% in 2013 to 8.24% in 2020.


How about the performance of Messenger's abandoned cart recovery?

Messenger average open rates and CTR are significantly higher than email with 80-90% and 56% respectively. At the same time, where abandoned cart email conversion rates lie at 10.7%, Messenger performs better with a conversion rate of around 33%.


Sources: Moosend, Neil Patel, Upbeat


Basically, abandoned cart campaigns through emails still performed relatively well in 2020, they are less efficient than a few years ago. At the same time, Messenger outperforms email for every benchmark.


Messenger recovery campaign only takes half the time, merchants don’t need to plan a long email and the response is also much faster.

Today mobile traffic accounts for over half (50.48%) of all traffic in eCommerce. 

Unfortunately, according to some research done in 2015, there is a clear correlation between small screens and increased cart abandonment.


Mobile has the highest cart abandonment rates, with 85.65% of all transactions ending without a sale. Meanwhile, tablets converted sales 80.74% of the time, a 5.7% improvement in revenue.

Desktops performed the best in terms of cart abandonment, with 73.07% of transactions failing.

The trend is obvious. The smaller the size of the screen, the more likely a customer is to not purchase. This is problematic considering that for the first time ever, more digital buyers will use smartphones than desktops to shop.

The trend has continued through 2017 when mobile cart abandonment continues to outpace desktop by 16%.

Key Takeaways

To obtain the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns, merchants should use Messenger as a new method to approach potential customers and optimize content for mobile devices.

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