Engine: Shopify app

✓ Automatically add tags according to the rules for order or customer.

✓ Multiple condition for a tag

✓ It helps for run marketing sale boost.

About Order Tagger by Omega


Are you having trouble filtering or searching for orders on Shopify Admin?

  • Order Tagger by Omega will help you add tags to your order and customer by the conditions you set.
  • Now you can filter your order by any of its attribute, only need to setup conditions for tags with some simple clicks.

Why should you use Order Tagger?

  • You can easily search, filter orders through tags both in the application or in the command panel.
  • Save your time rolling down order list!
  • This is amazing tool helps you manage your customer orders visually and conveniently.
  • This app only effect on admin page, it will not change your store’s appearance. You do not need to add code or change the theme.

Highlights Features:

  • Tag by product line items: You can assign rules to most attributes of items in the order, for example: Quantity, Fulfillment Service, Price, title... Tags will be automatically assigned to orders once the items in it matched with tag’s condition
  • Tag by Order shipping includes: Shipping Zip/code, price, source, title. Tags will automatically be added when the order contains Zip / code or shipping rates
  • Tag By Order Address: You can create rules according to shipping or billing information, for example: Country, city, Address, first name, last name, phone,... This will allow you to split out the orders, based on the or landscapes of delivery.
  • Tag By Other Attributes: It allows you to create rules to assign tags to currency, total price, total weight... makes it a lot easier to search and categorize your customers for support.
  • Tag by order customer: This will separate orders by customer’s information like Email, Phone number, Total spent, Note,...
  • Tag by order risk of fraud: Let you identify orders which have the risk that you’ve met before like in Message, Source,.. so now you can be more careful with it.


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Change Logs:

  • 02/18/2019 Activity Stream: Keep track and save tag’s history. every changes you make with our app and tags since you installed will be wrote down with all of its details.
  • 02/01/2019 Auto Schedule for Customer Tag: After-sale service is one of the most effective way to gain customer trust and make customers want to keep coming back, so you might want to give loyal customers a special discount or higher rank, or maybe
  • 01/01/2019 Multiple conditions for one single tag: This facility lets you create special tags with more than one condition, which means only orders that satisfy all of the conditions in it will be tagged, if any product in the order doesn’t match with any of that tag’s conditions then that order will not be tagged. encourage your customer to use their discount by setting an expire date for it, this feature is exactly what you need to do the job.