Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Money flow is always mattered with any business, especially with e-commerce merchants. Keeping Paypal account on good standing is very important to avoid many serious issues with your account such as: reserve money, long time to withdrawal, lose disputes or account blocked.
Paypal may disable your account first then hold your income up to 180 days, it depends on the number of issues, disputes or claims you get from the consumers. We enclosed a quote from Paypal below and also the link to Paypal Reserves TOS so you may find out more ideas

"Ship promptly and give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, so they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery"

As soon as possible. It helps to build trust for your account. Once you submit tracking, Paypal will send a notification to your customer so they can expect when their ordered package delivery

Just click to button, enter your store url and few more clicks on following steps you will get it work in few minutes.

No, Add Paypal Tracking Auto app require an app, that require the Paypal Business Account.


Once your order fulfilled and tracking information is there, we will be noticed by Shopify. Our software will submit these information automatically to Paypal.

You will can find these progresses on your admin dashboard.

Yes, you can process the orders from last 60 days. Just click to: [Get Old Orders] on your admin dashboard then enter the date range you want, it may take few minutes to hour to submit all orders.

Well, "get old orders" feature is not accepted yet on Free plan. But just drop us an email request at [email protected] to discuss.

Yes, Paypal will automatically send 1 notification to the customer about the status of the order. This means a lot, helping customers see the transport status of the salad easily. Customers are happier, you have more opportunities to ask for reviews or sell other products

You should send the download link to a buyer. We will send to the Other carrier with the link

No, because checkoutX does not send transaction_id paypal, there is not enough information to send tracking


All orders with tracking information are of course transmitted to PayPal. Without tracking data, we could not post to paypal and will notify on the dashboard. If you add the following data, it will be transferred later.

Just the successfully submitted tracking orders are counted. The other one won't be counting on your subscription credits

Yes, when you update the information on Shopify, they will have an email notice us and our application will update automatically to Paypal

The answer can be yes or no, because Paypal uses a wide range of standards to check your account, our app will follow Paypal’s seller protection which makes you have a better ranking on Paypal with a history of positive selling activity. Therefore, you can lower or remove reserve level.

It’s definitely worth trying our app even if you have a small amount of orders. Our app’s plans are varied from 30 (free of charge) to unlimited orders. Let our app do its job precisely with no time, and you save hours to hours to optimize your sales.

I have a virtual product and need fulfillment in Paypal, can your app help me? A virtual product can be a service, membership, subscription, and warranty, unfortunately, there is no way you can add tracking info to Paypal. You only can show “Proof of Delivery” which means any compelling evidence (as determined by PayPal) to show the purchase order was fulfilled and includes all of the following:
The date the service was provided;
The recipient’s address (email/IP, etc) where applicable.


We only require minimum access to your account to send tracking information, not to perform any transactions. You can see the instructions for creating a special paypal account for more details.

Shopify recently updated their App Store listing requirements, leaving out apps “that are payment gateways, that add features to an existing gateway, or that modify an existing gateway.“ So we only able to promote app from our website. You may get a notice when you installing app but nothing different in standards.

Data transmission is completely encrypted from beginning to end (SSL). Moreover, Shopify - Add paypal tracking auto is 100% compliant with OAuth2 requests from Shopify and PayPal included. Data validation for authentication and authentication. Unlike other solutions, your data is not provided to any human operators. Therefore, no one has ever visited your store or Paypal. Our system is designed for maximum security for you!


Yeah, you're over welcomed. Send us an email to get the guides [email protected]


The installation is free. We also offered a FREE Subscription for starting sellers which have lower 30 tracking need to submit to Paypal monthly.
We also have other subscriptions plan which is monthly charging to your Shopify payment.
No hidden fee.
Please refer to our pricing table to find out more

Of course, we have a Free package that helps you submit 30 orders a month for a lifetime. Give it a try.

We will pause submitting the tracking info to Paypal for new orders to the end of the month. These orders would be mark in queue until you upgrade the subscription. You will be also notice by email (Admin email of Shopify)

You will pay monthly when you activate the subscription. But orders will be counted from the 1st to the 31st of the month.

We understand that submitting tracking for orders took a lot of your time. It's really pain work, so let the application do this for you. You can select range of days to submit tracking, if there are some duplication, it would be resubmitted by application.

You pay through Shopify Payment. We don't accept other payment gateway.