Engine: Shopify
Category: Shopify Apps
Design: Responsive (Bootstrap 3), Sharp on all devices
App version: 1.1
Release date: 06/31/2016 - USA
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Powerful shopify app to make your discount really work!

Product discount promotion is one of the most popular methods to boost your sales. It can be beneficial to small and big brands. Sales promotions can provide immediate hikes in sales in a short time; but how does a brand create a successful discount campaign in a Shopify store? Discount app is the answer.

2 biggest reasons for you to choose Discount app:

1. You can save a lot of time on setting up the campaign due to the intuitive admin panel. Just click, no coding required and you can start the campaign in a few minutes.

2. You can boost your sales and earn more money quickly. Your discount promotion campaign will become more attractive than ever with this highly customizable Shopify discount app.

How Discount app can help you boost your sale?

1. Discount app can affect your customers’ decision with the countdown timer

Discount app not only allows you to create a discount campaign, but also offers you a big tool to grab visitor attention: a countdown timer. The countdown timer can be used as an effective call to action and highly recommended for the flash sales. So when visitors understand that they only have a few hours to get the discount before it’s gone, you can avoid risking the option they will delay the sale. Beside that, limited availability offers can create a sense of scarcity in your customers that get them to act.

You can have a fully customizable live countdown timer on every item in your store.

2. Discount app can create a sale of not only single product, but also a whole product collection.

If other Shopify discount apps only support you to create discount campaign for single product or it requires a lot of steps to create discount for the whole product category, this Shopify discount app can do it with ease. You can quickly display the countdown timer in a single sale product or in the collection page with simple shortcodes. So you can create sales by any category you want or even STORE WIDE in winks.

3. Discount app have all powers to enhance visual of your discount promotion

Beside the ability to customize the countdown clock, you can have options to show featured sale event. This can pin your discount campaign at right bottom corner of every page to bring the highest impressions to your website visitors. You can style this area directly from the backend without writing any code line. All you need to do are clicks and inputting necessary information.

4. Discount app can attract customers through any mobile device

This Shopify discount app fully supports mobile responsive design. It means your countdown and your sale will look perfectly on any computer, laptop or mobile devices. Your customer can have the best experience when shopping at your website, regardless of whether the visitor is browsing on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

If you are seeking for a solution to empower your discount campaign and increase sales, grab this Shopify discount app right now and discover by yourself how powerful it is.

Change log:

Update version 1.1 (Feb 18,2016):

  • Fixed issue discount in large collection (50+ items).
  • Made event title editable, you can go to COUNTDOWN SETTING to change it