TOPIC: hover not working on links in main-menu module and other style help

hover not working on links in main-menu module and other style help 10 years 3 months ago #3248

Thank you for such a fine template. It is being well-received within our organization.

I bought the template about a month ago to be used for the migration of one of our sites from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5.

Our new site:
Our old site:

There are few style challenges that I cannot seem to solve:

1. I'm experiencing the same problem with the hover effect on the main-menu. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the same code references so that I can make the suggested changes.

Here is html for the menu:
<ul class="menu">
	<li  id="current" class="active  item-101 level1 first ">
		<a class="level1" href="/" ><span class="level1 current active  nq-menu-item">Home</span></a>
	<li  class="parent  item-103 level1 ">
		<a class="level1" href="/about-janet" ><span class="level1 nq-menu-item">About Janet</span></a>
		<ul class="level1">
			<li  class=" item-104 level2 first ">
				<a class="level2" href="/about-janet/janet-denison-biography" ><span class="level2 nq-menu-item">Biography</span></a>
			<li  class=" item-105 level2 last ">
				<a class="level2" href="/about-janet/an-interview-with-janet" ><span class="level2 nq-menu-item">An Interview with Janet</span></a>
	<li  class=" item-106 level1 last ">
		<a class="level1" href="/blog" ><span class="level1 nq-menu-item">Blog</span></a>

2. There does not appear to be any styling around images in articles. I would like to at least some padding around the images, similar to that in the user1 module in the demo. Can you please point me to how I might add some styling for images in the articles?

3. The templateDetails.xml includes a 'left' position, but it does not appear to be included in the index.php. Was that by design? Or was it accidently left out?

4. Lastly, the top module in the right column includes a signup form that uses a table to layout the form. I looked at the typography documentation on the demo and I see the details on tables. Can I get the form to have the appearance of the forms described in the typography documentation? If so, can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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