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How to Sew on a Clear Vinyl

You may not realize that sewing with clear vinyl material can be fun. And fortunately, you can use a starter sewing machine to work on this project. You have to prepare your machine first before you stitch through it. You will also need a heavier needle with a solid polyester thread to complete this job.

Also, you have to adjust the machine’s foot so that your vinyl doesn’t get stuck to it. You need to make your stitches at 3.0mm apart to prevent having too many holes in the material. To find a   good sewing machine for beginners , please read product reviews on the Crafts Selection website.

Set Up Your Machine

The first thing you should do is choose a sharp size 14, 16, or 18 needle size. The reason is that vinyl is a very thick material. These needles wouldn’t bend when sewing the clear vinyl. The next step is to choose a polyester thread or a bonded nylon thread if the vinyl is used outside. Whether using a cheap basic sewing machine or a heavy-duty one, you need to change the stitches setting to 3.0mm or a more extended option. You can make stronger seams with this setting than those with shorter stitches.

Choose a walking, roller, or non-stick foot, to ensure the vinyl doesn’t stick. The standard foot will stick to the vinyl, or the vinyl may slip through the foot. Remove the standard foot and replace it with the roller or non-stick foot. If none of these feet is available, lay tissue paper over the vinyl, then stitch the vinyl and tear the tissue paper once stitching is completed.

Stitch the Clear Vinyl

Do not iron the creases on your clear vinyl. It is possible to have some creases when you unroll the clear vinyl. Avoid ironing the vinyl because it can melt the vinyl. You can smoothen the vinyl with a heavy box or book. If possible, you should find a model of   top rated sewing machines for beginners to work with, especially the ones recommended for vinyl sewing.

Pick a pattern to use with your clear vinyl. You may want to sew options like zipper bags or pouches. You can also buy your pattern at the store. Use a rotary cutter to cut your vinyl before stitching it according to your pattern. A good entry level sewing machine can assist you to sew clear vinyl alongside your pattern. You can also use a pair of scissors if you don’t have a rotary cutter.

Use clips to join the clear vinyl layers; since you will sew the layers of clear vinyl, you must keep the layers in place. These clips will prevent the clear vinyl from slipping away. Clipping can also ensure that the tiny holes inside the vinyl will not expand.

Cut the decorative edges before sewing the fabrics. Your clear vinyl shouldn’t fray, and you need to make the fabric professional. You may want to cut along the edges of the vinyl fabric or fold the softer side and then hem it. To find the best beginner sewing machine for sewing clear vinyl, read product guides on the Crafts Selection website.
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