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One of the ways to bring more listeners to your website is to make your website compatible with the technologies used by internet streaming. Broadcast technology allows online radio stations to broadcast their programs over the Internet. If your website can respond to streaming technology, then more viewers will be drawn to your website and potentially become regular listeners.

When you want to build a good reputation for your online radio show, you need to attract listeners who would be interested in listening to your radio show. You can do this effectively by providing interesting information that your listeners will find useful. Plus, by making your radio show a must-see, you will soon establish yourself as an authority on your particular genre. Also, by playing the correct types of music on your website, you will attract other radio programming listeners to visit your radio show.

If you are interested in streaming radio online, it is important to note that there are several different types of internet streaming services available. One of the most popular types is live streaming, which is when your radio show is actually recorded and played directly to your computer or laptop when accessible there. Another form of transmission is delayed transmission, which is delivered later, as the files are downloaded over the Internet. Most listeners prefer delayed broadcast because they don't want to miss out on their favorite radio show if it's not available when they try to listen live.

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