1. What's in OT Tshirt Template package?

After downloaded and extracted the package, you will have these files and folders:

inside OT Furnite template package


  • ot_tshirt_psd.rar: Contains PSD file(s)
  • tshirt_quickstart.zip: Quickstart installation package. It includes template, extensions, sample data and all are configured. It is useful for you if you want to have a new full-site quickly.
  • pkg_tshirt.zip: Installable via Extension Manager. Install it on an existing Joomla! 3.x website and you will have template and extensions installed. It includes:
    • OT Tshirt template for Joomla! 3.x.
    • MegaMenu module.
    • JARVIS template framework.
    • Shortcode plugins, Bootstrap 3 supported.
    • Customized Virtuemart template.
  • mod_ot_articles_category.zip This is joomla article module, it shows related articles.

Virtuemart is NOT included in pkg_tshirt.zip but included in  tshirt_quickstart.zip. So if you do not use the quickstart package, please download and install Virtuemart separately (3.0.4 at the curent, latest is recommended).


2. Technical Requirements

Supported system software for Joomla! 3

SoftwareRecommendedMinimumMore information
PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off) 5.4 + 5.3.10 + http://www.php.net
Supported Databases:
MySQL (InnoDB support required) 5.1 + 5.1 + http://www.mysql.com
SQL Server 10.50.1600.1+ 10.50.1600.1+ http://www.microsoft.com/sql
PostgreSQL 8.3.18 + 8.3.18 + http://www.postgresql.org/
Supported Web Servers:
(with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib. Need mod_rewrite if use SEF URLs)
2.x + 2.x + http://www.apache.org
Nginx 1.1 1.0 http://wiki.nginx.org/
Microsoft IIS 7 7 http://www.iis.net


Other requirements

  • PHP safemode off
  • cURL PHP extension installed and enabled
  • JSON PHP extension installed and enabled


Other recommended settings for better performance

  • PHP setting of memory_limit is set to 96M minimum, 128M recommended, higher will be good (but should not be too high).
  • PHP setting of max_execution_time should be greater than 60, but should not be too high.


Browser requirement

  • Firefox
  • IE (Internet Explorer) 9+
  • Google Chrome 10+
  • Opera 10+
  • Safari 5+


3. Install a new site from "Quickstart" package

Just extract tshirt_quickstart.zip, upload, prepare database and install. After installed you will have a full-site as our OT Tshirt template demo site.

OT Tshirt supports Joomla!3.x so the installation will have 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Select default language

Joomla quickstart installation step 1

  • Step 2: Main configuration

Joomla quickstart installation step 2

  • Step 3: Database configuration

  • Step 4: Install sample data
  • Step 5: Remove or rename the "installation" folder

Joomla quickstart installation step 4

For more details, please see How to install quickstart package (Joomla! 3).


4. Install OT Tshirt template on an existing Joomla! site

4.1. Prepare

  • You need an account to access backend and have permission to install extensions.
  • Files and folders are writable.
  • FTP account which you can use for uploading files.
  • Certainly you need Furnite template package.


4.2. Install

From backend, navigate to Extensions → Extensions Manager, browse pkg_tshirt.zip on your local storage then click Upload & Install button.

Browse, upload and install template


4.3. Activate

Once the template is installed successful in your Joomla! site, you need make it as default template for you website. To active the new template go to Extensions -> Template Manager, in Styles tab, choose installed template style and click on Default button.

Set dedault template style


 Installing is completed. Now you may want to change logo, choose a preset color or create module instances and put to module-positions, etc. Please read related articles to know more.


Please make sure these plugin are also activated:

  • plg_system_jarvis
  • plg_system_omgmenu
  • plg_system_omgshortcodes
  • Button - Shortcodes (plg_editors-xtd_xtdshortcodes)


4.4. Uninstall be careful!

Step 1: Backup your site or backup template configuration.

Step 2: Unset OT Tshirt template style from "Default" state by choosing another one as Default. (See 4.3)

Step 3: Go to Extension Manager: Manage page, find extension with type "Package" and name "OT Tshirt Joomla Template", then uninstall it. This will remove template, module Mega Menu, shortcodes, template framework. Certainly the configured data also will be removed.