What is Omega PayPal Tracking for Woo plugin? 

As a WordPress user, you are familiar with plugins to add features to your WordPress site. There is nothing different with Omega Paypal Tracking for Woo plugin, this is the essential one for those who have the WooCommerce plugin on their site and need automation to submit WooCommerce tracking numbers to Paypal. The plugin can integrate orders tracking information from all common shipping carriers on the global and country-specific that Paypal supports in this list: Add Tracking API Carriers

How Omega Paypal Tracking for Woo plugin can help your business? 

  • Adding tracking numbers from WooCommerce once orders are fulfilled to Paypal automatically can save your time on doing manually and also your money, use that time to find the solution optimizing your business revenue 
  • When you have the tracking numbers already uploaded, it can protect you from disputes and chargebacks, cases of Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received. 
  • The tracking numbers also increase the customer’s trust and satisfaction. When the tracking numbers are submitted, your customers will receive an email from Paypal so that they can track their orders by themselves. 

You can find more amazing information about this tool at our Synctrack blog

How to install Omega Paypal Tracking for Woo plugin? 


To install Omega Paypal Tracking for Woo plugin, you can use one of the following options: 

  • Add our plugin from your site’s Plugins page by searching our plugin name, installing, and activating it on your WordPress site. 
  • Install manually by uploading a zip archive or by SFTP client. 

Or check out our blog How to create a new user for your Paypal merchant account 

Expanding your business by increasing your possibility to reach your customers on different platforms is a wise option, you can sell your products on both Shopify and WooCommerce to maximize your business profits. By using our plugin, it’s never been easier to work with Paypal, test our plugin for free today, and tell us your experience!


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