The question of how to get a healthy and balanced PayPal account never gets outdated. Catch up with every change in PayPal’s policy and know the best practices to meet PayPal’s requirements will give you a great opportunity to do business successfully with PayPal.



The problem of sellers using Paypal payment gateway is that when their account receives a large amount of payments, especially in high sales season, it tends to be held or limited because Paypal will see it as a sign of fraud. Then, they think about a solution to add multiple Paypal accounts to a store to spread the payments and Paypal will not accumulate money to limit. However, this is not an ideal solution and here’s why. 



For any sellers who join dropshipping to start their online business, getting Paypal limit is a difficult situation because it will strongly affect the cash flow in their business. 

When your account is limited, Paypal will send you an email or you can see the notification when you access your Paypal account. 

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