Until April 2020, Tiktok has gained 2 billion downloads and rank at number 7 of largest social media networks in the world along with their ads platform just launched in 2018, it is undeniable to say that TikTok ads will create a great opportunity for marketers to expand their brand and somehow change the digital advertising market, along with Facebook and other ads platforms. 

Typical differences between TikTok ads and Facebook ads 

TikTok and Facebook are different in many different ways. Understanding the difference between them will help you utilize your ads. 

  • Demographics 

Just recently emerged, TikTok’s user base is younger than Facebook’s, and more important, TikTok is a mobile platform in which marketers will need a very different way to approach and convert their customers. 

  • Data testing 

While Facebook uses dynamic creative optimization based on graphical components are defined manually at the setup of a display campaign and the dynamic information is filled in real-time for each shopper before the creative is served, TikTok uses automated creative optimization instead, its algorithm recognizes the best-performing ad creative, creates multiple ads and lets you restructure your ad campaign accordingly. 

  • Geotargeting 

While TikTok targets the audience at country/state level, and in limited countries, Facebook will target customers more specifically (country, region or city) and worldwide. 

  • Bidding structure

TikTok sets up manual bids while Facebook use automatic bids 

  • Ads comments 

TikTok allows you to turn off comments on your ads while Facebook not 

  • Ads sound  

On TikTok, it is required to add sound on your ads, while Facebook does not require you to add sound. 

Pros and Cons of TikTok ads and Facebook ads



Are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads?

TikTok ads will be better than Facebook ads if you are trying to reach younger audiences. Many advertisers used to think that, due to the young demographics, the audiences are unlikely to buy things from there. However, this opinion seems to be not right anymore. These young audiences will become their customers in a certain time as many big brands are using TikTok as a powerful tool. 

However, with a small budget, it’s really hard to win on TikTok.  It can be easy to start with, but you need to invest your money to find out the most effective option to advertise your products. 

If you are a small business with financial constraints, Facebook ads are better than TikTok ads at first. When your business grows older, you can use both, try creative things for your business with TikTok. 


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