It might be a simple case if the customers are satisfied with your product variants and price then go straight to check out. However, a lot of customers would like to check their preferred features of products before they buy, especially B2B customers. 


There are some scenarios that you can think about to add a Request a Quote button in your store: 

1. The product quantity

If the customers buy the product for a big amount, they would prefer you to have a competitive price.

2. The type of customer

To provide better customer service, you can offer a better price for repeat customers to keep your long-term relationship with them, or a competitive price with a new customer to attract them.

3. The product customization

Some of your products might allow the customers to customize based on their preference to make this unique or your product depends on the raw materials.

4. Upon-order product 

If your products are not ready-made, you could not set the standard price for them. 

5. Product-added cost 

When the price of a product can be affected by the shipping cost and customers would like to know delivery or shipping information. 

6. Selling through landing page

Impress your customers with products with an open price 

7. Selling through Fanpage

Giving the customers an option to request a quote for one or many products without having to send a message and ask price for each product  

8. Selling on an online website

Let customers know that the price shown can be bargained or negotiated, and keep the products in the cart for more time. 

9. Pre-order products

You would like to start pre-ordering your product or collect emails from interested customers

10. Wholesale sales increase 

Wholesalers who would like to buy a big number of items on each order can be attracted if you give them a tool to negotiate with your store easily which will create more chances to increase sales and revenue. 

Getting an add-to-quote button on your store can streamline all of the above scenarios. If the merchants are selling products on Shopify, the clients just simply need to click to add the product to the quote basket and fill in their information and request which will be sent directly to the sellers via email. 

In addition, with the support of an app, you can be able to hide the price or add a cart button on your product page/collection page or both. The buyer can view their quote in their email and if they accept the deal, they can complete the order and check out. 

How to add a request quote button on Shopify? 

On free themes from Shopify, you can replace the add to cart button with a contact link. 

Click  here  to see how to do this 

However, if you need a tool without having to know any coding, the Shopify app store provides you with a bunch of options for the Request a Quote app. 

Get a plugin and install it on your store to check how it works now. 

Click here to visit the Shopify store and install the Quote Snap app.

Request a quote is not just a button on your Shopify store, also not only for customers to send requests and receive quotations back. It is a powerful tool for sellers to work effectively, reduce costs and provide better customer service. 

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