Product tags as keywords in the page content 

  • If your theme lists the product tags on the product page, Google will read that page content. Hence, when you list your product tags in the main product area, it will be read by Google and count towards the amount of content on the page.
  • Even if they are lower down on the page or in a small font they’ll still be counted, just less than before.
  • If they are hidden or only in the meta tags (meta keywords tag that has been unused for so long) then Google might neglect them completely.

Note that if product tags mainly occupy the page’s total content then Google might perceive as what is called “keyword stuffing” which is a very easy way to get penalized. A few tags are good but if each product has more than 20 tags, it could be trouble unless you add more content to the page such as product description. 

80-90% of your Shopify page content should be about your product descriptions on the product pages, blog posts, body contents, etc. Even 20 different words in your tags should be a minimum of the content on your pages.

Product tags as keywords in the URL

Another way product tags help with SEO is by creating URLs from Shopify. Collections can be browsed by tag and they get a URL that contains the tag name such as[collection]/[tag]. The keywords used in a URL are a ranking factor so, with a keyword tag and collection name, it’d be a valuable and effective URL for SEO. 

In order for it to work, you need unique content along with the tags. If every collection page and tag are similar, Google will ignore most of them and won’t rank them very well. Google has a “duplicate content penalty” when in fact it is not really a penalty, they will just ignore what they consider the copied URLs. 

In conclusion, product tags may seem like not a big deal for SEO but you also don’t want to underestimate the functionality of it. An easier way to manage your tags on your Shopify store is by installing a particular app made for it. No coding or technical knowledge required. Click here to know more about the app and try it for yourself 

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