OT K2 Content Slideshow for Joomla 3

K2 is the most popular and awarded content extension for Joomla! with CCK-like features. We also uses it in most of our Joomla templates. K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla! articles with additional fields for article images, videos, image galleries and attachments), today i will show you how to use K2 content slideshow module, it's a FREE module for Joomla 3 version and it's RESPONSIVE slideshow.


We’ve made a lot of changes to Omegatheme.com and updates of Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Membership Pricing, Support Policy. So today, the updates will be effective on June 2014.

We know that these types of updates are really important to you, and we want to help you understand them. Here’s a walk-through of the major changes:

We want to give you the most useful information about change of Template Club membership

  • You can access all to download template that you want to use
  • Now we will use domain license instead download credit as before.
  • Pricing has been changed for some packages to improve support quality
  • We will only support for domain(s) that registered by you.

For more details please read carefully: Terms and Condition of use, Membership Pricing, Support Policy.


Introducing OT Panacea Joomla & K2 template

Today, I'd like to introduce the Panacea Joomla & K2 template. The  Panacea  Joomla template is a fun Joomla theme with  a minimal, clean and elegant design, well suited for creating a personal portfolio or a business site. Panacea comes with a slick K2 template as well as the usual flexibility of the Base Framework.

If you’re in need for a Joomla template with a clean and elegant design with emphasis on content and bold typography, this is the template for you.

This template will support K2 blog template, K2 portfolio template. For a full run down of the features you can check out the  Panacea  screen shots below, it's in final testing step for releasing in August very soon


 Elegant Joomla template & Virtuemart theme

The OT Valupat Joomla template is our latest template for this July. It's an elegant, clean and beautiful Joomla Virtuemart theme and will be released at the end of month.

This design has elegant and clean style for any kind of online store or web shop and as you can see from the screenshot below it has a few things in common with the original - a large background slideshow, a bold navigation strip, submenu...

Whereas OT Valupat focussed on online web shop, fashion shop or any other online store websites, OT Valupat will focus squarely on users that need a striking business Joomla template, with a strong focus on typography, white space and of course that stunning full width slideshow.

Development for the theme is really starting to take shape now and I'm confident that it will be available for you to play with by the end of this month.