The OT Fashion Joomla Template is a new template for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7. The OT Fashion Joomla template will be the first template released on the base solid framework and as you will see from the screenshots its a friendly clean skin for you to start developing your sites with.

System Requires

Joomla version compatibility: Joomla 1.5  & 1.7

PHP Version: PHP 5

K2 Version 2.5.1


- Quickstart Installation (View our tutorial)

- Template installation (View our tutorial)

- Module slideshow installation (View our tutorial)

Template Position

ot fashion template position

Template config

- Preset Styles: This theme has 3 colors variations style, Aqua, Brown, Grean.

- Layout: This theme is a fixed and fluid layout with one, two or three columns.

-- Bottom Position with custom width:

You can easy config the width for each value, example: publish for 1 module at bottom position that you can use (100). It can be pixel or percent, publish 2 modules you can use: (30, 70), it means first module has width is 30%(pixel) and second module has 70%(pixel)

- Setting:

-- Custom background: if you wanna use solid color for background then you can use this setting.

-- Custom body, heading, menu, block quote font: You can select any font from google server

CSS file structure:

CSS colors variations style file:

+ layout/aqua.css

+ layout/brown.css

+ layout/green.css

Base styles: customs.css, dropdownMenu11.css, ie7.css, ie8.css, ie9.css, k2.css, layout.css, template.css, typography.css



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