Engine: Shopify app

✓ Perfect virtual assistant to trigger marketing email, hiding out of stock, inventory management, add tags, etc

✓ Easy-to-use prebuilt templates help to minimize manual workflows, less time on nonsense tasks and leave space for growing your business

Automate and personalize more tasks by creating or customizing your own triggers, conditions and actions.

About Robotasks

  • Robotasks is a powerful tool to perform your daily tasks, to save hours of your working days, to work efficiently without worrying about any mistakes.

  • Are you working your daily jobs manually? Whenever your customers buy a product, you have to add to your excel list or you have to send email or discount code to the customer one by one. Robotasks will help you get over all of those laborious and boring activities.

Robotasks is your own virtual employee. How does it work?

By setting up a list of jobs for Robotasks (with a template or create on your own), you can monitor any actions with a proper condition and response, no more stress on working with orders, emails, vendors or even order shipping methods.

What Robotasks can do

  • Send your email campaigns
  • Create data tables for emails
  • Create and send discount code to customers
  • Set single condition-action automation
  • Set multiple options to automate
  • Post data for URL
  • Add tag to the customer
  • Add tag to order
  • Add tag to the product
  • Schedule or cancel scheduled tasks
  • Hide out of stock
  • Publish restock the product
  • Support & compatibility assistance
  • Automatically update the order status
  • Send sales reports
  • And 10 other skills


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