Engine: Shopify app

✓ Searchify shows live product previews, product-related categories, instant search suggestions and relevant search to boost your sales

✓ Searchify gives a better shopping experience for your customers with smart filter like vendor filter, product filter, collection filter, etc

✓ Searchify helps you optimize your shop’s performance with the dashboard of search queries to understand your customers needs.

About Searchify Live Search & Filter

Search is a powerful tool to increase the conversion rate and possibility of optimizing shopping’s experience for your customers. Therefore, Searchify is created with all-in-one solutions to give your buyers the best search results to find products faster and easier on your store, and ultimately increase your sales.

To make the search more valuable, our Searchify allows intelligent search filters, personalizing your store’s search results. Last but not least, Searchify analytics is a lightning part to overview what your customers searched for on your store.

Why use Searchify?

Time is money. You don’t want your customers to scroll and find what they want in the middle of hundreds of products. Customers aren't patient, that's why you have to keep them from leaving your website. By helping your customers find the exact products they want within seconds, Searchify helps to improve your sales.

Searchify features

Instant and Intelligent search

  • More accurate results with semantic search, relevant search categories, and shows live product preview matching with search terms as well as filter values.
  • Customizable search result: with Searchify, you can choose the search results of products display information by image, price, vendor, tags, handle, description.
  • Relevant search suggestions with predictive search keywords or even typo search

Various Filter Options on the product page

Searchify provides you a wide range of filter options to create the best match filter for your store. The menu filter including:

  • Filter by collections
  • Filter by vendor
  • Filter by product type
  • Filter by tags
  • Filter by SKU
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by discount
  • Filter by variant (color, size…)

Real-time analytics

Search analytics with live line chat and search data helps you analyze buyer’s behavior and take actions to navigate

  • Top search queries
  • Top product click
  • Top collection click
  • Top suggestion click
  • Top no search results

Dedicated mobile interface Customizable

  • Custom CSS
  • Custom HTML in the instant search widget


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