Engine: Shopify app

✓ Start your Facebook Dynamic Ads campaign easily. All in one place.

✓ Auto setup the re-targeting campaign to maximize the revenue, save the ads cost

✓ Creates catalogs and uploads your products from Shopify to Facebook automatically. Super convenience.

 About Retarget app

In one way or another, visitors have interacted with your online store, at that time, Retarget app will let you re-market to remind them of the purchase of products they have seen or searched for and also increase the awareness of your brand.

How does the app work?

  • In a few clicks with step by step instructions, it has never been easier to take full advantage of your Facebook ads to driver traffic, increase your brand name and boost sales for your store.
  • Retarget analyzes your store data to collect the right information to optimize your ad campaigns and target the right customers.
  • In no time, Retarget creates an ad campaign based on the images and content from your store
  • Retarget allows your segment your ads to specific countries to avoid any irrelevant market.
  • Retarget handles Facebook pixel to let you overview your campaign with all helpful factors for better management and changes.

Why should you use Retarget app?

  • Grow sales by optimizing purchase conversion and your website traffic
  • Recover abandoned carts rate
  • Deliver personalized message to increase conversations between you and your buyers


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