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✓ Profitability total control

✓ Automatic Profit Calculation

✓ Keep track of all costs

About Basecost manager profit report

Basecost Manager Profits Report helps you calculate the profit over a period of time. It is a financial analytics app that helps to track your costs, including COGS, sales, expenses, number of orders, number of products sold, the average price per order, average profit per order and profit in real-time. All of that show on one live dashboard, giving you the ease of simply knowing of which products are bestsellers, and which products are most profitable!

Why use Basecost Manager Profits Report?

Imagine how relieve it would be to have an app that allows you to track the profit reports every day, every month without any heavy coding involve. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because Basecost Manager Profits Report is here to help! Now, You can focus on your business rather than worried about calculating the profit on the spreadsheet.

Key Features

  • Effective manage base cost and expense
  • Automatic profit calculation: Once you've completed setting up your cost structure, all factors will be automatically considered to give you a true profit analysis
  • Live profit dashboard: Show all the important data on a live dashboard.
  • Some of the display reports are: Profit by day, Profit by month, The average price per order, Average profit per order, Net sales, COGS, Expenses, Number of orders, Number of products sold


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