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✓ Perfect presentation on any device

✓ Touch-enabled slider app

✓ Multiple image sliders into a single page

About Accordion Slider

OT Accordion Slider provides you a stunning way to present content. Your website's visitor will have the best experience when viewing the sliders even from desktop or mobile.

Looking for a creative way to present your content? Accordion slider is a solution. As the name, our slider app will help you to display the slider in an accordion type. Just hover over the image and the full image will display within the accordion layout. Accordion slider is a perfect choice for any website owner who want to transfer your information effectively.


  • Multiple image sliders into a single page: Accordion Slider offers the "shortcode" feature which can help you embed 2 or more image slider into a same webpage.
  • Perfect presentation on any device: With the responsive layout, all the slides built by Accordion slider work great across desktop (on any screen size), tablet or any smart mobile phones.
  • Touch-enabled slider app: OT Accordion slider produces mobile-friendly sliders which support touch and mouse swiping. The mobile user will enjoy the best experience on their own devices.
  • Leveraged pagination: This slider app allows you complete control over the number of visible panels. There's no limitation on available panels and you can define the number of visible panels per page to suit your design.
  • Smooth Animations: We optimized OT Accordion Slider to make all the transitions & animations look smooth and fluent.
  • Vibrant visuals in retina displays: OT Accordion Slider helps you to keep the high resolution imagesfor Retina screens. Make your slider looks beautiful and crisp on Retina.

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Change log:

  • Update version 2.0.0 (Aug 31,2018):

Remake backend UX, improve app's performance