Engine: Shopify app

✓ Unlimited Product Variants. Collecting products with the same tag to show on product page.

✓ Recommend your customer to buy more products

✓ Different layouts and colors create an eye-catching section on every product pages.


About Related Products by Tag

What else can keep customers continue browsing and browsing on your store more than products which related to what they came for!

Sometimes you go to the market with intention of buying only one or two things, but then you end up at the check-out with a full cart. Do you ever wonder why it happened? It’s because your attention was caught up with all the goods near what you came for, or maybe they are just placed on your way from the market door to the check-out table. What we do is exactly the same with the reason for your full-filled cart!

Related Products by Tags and Handpicked Bought Together bundle.

Our app shows the products related to the one that visitor is currently browsing which makes it’s a good option for upselling target products. Store-owners can freely handpick recommended products for each individual product to create a Bought Together group, and customers can get the whole thing in their cart with one-click Add to cart button.

How does it work? 

Install the app and it will take out the products list data on administrator website. Our app will identify each product’s tag, puts the products which have the same tag into related products section and display it on product page whenever a customer view any product.

Handpicked Bought Together: For example, if the customer choose a dress, you might want to pop-up a section on that dress page showing hat or shoes or maybe a necklace that match really well with it.

Highlight and Features

  1. Our app lets store-owners decide which product can be shown as related product even if that product is related to the currently viewing product or not with “only show selected tags” feature.
  2. Show Related Products with 4 layout options: Drop down; Grid View; List View and Slider.
  3. Different display positions: Under “Add to cart” button; Under Product Description; 4. Under Product Title; Under Product Price. We also support other positions which requires coding.
  4. Show Bought Together group with 4 layouts: Grid View; List View; Table View and Special Layout.
  5. Customize colors, title and text.
  6. Display any number of products.

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