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Free Joomla Extensions

Free Joomla Extensions (10)

OT Scroller is an Joomla! free module, it's allow you can put your client into a folder at your server and it will display your client's logo as scroller at OT CorpMX template or our others OmegaTheme's Joomla! template!

You can check out demo & Download it here:

OT K2 SlideShow is a module allow you use to display k2 items in the slideshow module for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7. You can insert image into K2 article or use image tab to upload new image or select image from server. it has 2 layouts for now as demo at OT Fashion and OT Lobortis Joomla Template, today it releases under OT Fashion layout first. Very easy for using it, you can edit parameters of module as you want. You need K2 version 2.5.0+ to use this module.

This module shows Latest News with date and time, it is a modification of standard latestnews module from default joomla! 1.6 & 1.7 installation with an additional date, time and link features.

Tutorial will be update soon!

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OT Twitter Update  is a simple module that displays a configurable number of updates (Tweets) based on the Twitter Search API.  Want to apply a custom CSS styling to the rendered links? Tweet updates are rendered is CSS-friendly DIV tags and can be easily styled to fit the look and feel of your website.

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OT - Social Share is a simple and free plugin that allow you to display social share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) in a very customized way.

You can select the social share buttons that you want to display, and every social share button has several options and you can customize it very precisely.

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OT Lightbox Login is joomla 1.7 login popup lightbox login, it works with mootool 1.3 and very easy to use. You can config it with Login only or Login & Signup Tabs.

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OT Mini Slideshow provides articles and images displaying as slideshow with navigation buttons, TOC jump buttons. It uses mootools 1.3 and best method to prevent conflict with other javascript libraries. It is very simple to use, multiple options and adaptive to any Joomla! 1.7 website.

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OT - Maps using new Google Maps API, it's faster, simple to use, suitable for your Joomla website, contact page is a pretty example. This module show the map with one or multiple address input. Map type can be static or dynamic (Google Maps API V3).

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OT News is the joomla 1.7 functional module to display Joomla news, articles from selected categories. It's small MAGAZINE LATEST NEWS layout, friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This module can replace such add-ons like "latest news", "popular content", "random articles", "display news", etc.

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OT Mini Tabs is a special extension to easily render modules in highly customizable tabs. Just install, define a new position for the tabs, publish each desired module in that position and finally configure and publish. Some featured options are:

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