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OT Evolutionar template

When your business Joomla website needs a new look and you’re scratching your head finding an “evolution” for it, come to our brand new kick-ass Joomla template – Evolutionar.

Evolutionar is a Joomla template built for any kind of website related to business, corporate, portfolio and products, etc. OmegaTheme team has made it with love and many other ingredients like a powerful framework, HTML and CSS, Google fonts, JavaScript, shortcodes and more.

Curious about what’s in Evolutionar already? Let’s take a brief look at its highlight features.


Medical & Health Joomla 3 template now available

OT Clinical is now updated for Joomla 3 template with the addition of some new layouts and new styles all built on a Jarvis Framework. This template designed in corporate style suitable for any corporation or business healthcare, medical, doctor, chiropractor or eyecare professional or office.


Free Joomla 3 Template - OT Enterdesign


Omegatheme welcome you to our newest free joomla responsive templates. You have known our Jarvis Framework with useful facilities such as fully responsive, unlimited module options, shortcode support, etc in OT Smart Solutions; also in OT Enterdesign which is a clean, elegant template with all of major needs for building your website. 


OT Dulcet Free Joomla! 3 template updated

Recently we have updated the demo site of Dulcet template for Joomla 3.x. It's our latest free Joomla! 3 templates and you can use it to create an amazing joomla website for your corporate or portfolio. It is a basic version of what our Dulcet template has to offer. See the demo here which shows you exactly what can be achieved using Dulcet


Introducing OT Panacea Joomla & K2 template

Today, I'd like to introduce the Panacea Joomla & K2 template. The  Panacea  Joomla template is a fun Joomla theme with  a minimal, clean and elegant design, well suited for creating a personal portfolio or a business site. Panacea comes with a slick K2 template as well as the usual flexibility of the Base Framework.

If you’re in need for a Joomla template with a clean and elegant design with emphasis on content and bold typography, this is the template for you.

This template will support K2 blog template, K2 portfolio template. For a full run down of the features you can check out the  Panacea  screen shots below, it's in final testing step for releasing in August very soon